Bake Off and Pie | New Basford's small, independent scratch bakery
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How did Bake off and Pie come about?

I originally trained as a chef and found after a few years it wasn’t really for me. I started looking for a new challenge. I’d always enjoyed it when we had to make bread at college so when a job came up at a local bakery I jumped at the chance.

Being trained as a chef I thought baking would be a walk in the park, how wrong could I be! Fortunately for me, the bosses saw something and invested time and training in me.

I was so lucky to train and work alongside some real old school bakers who had worked in the industry since they were young men and were keen to share their knowledge and skill.

How do you see Bake off and Pie?

First and foremost we are a bakery, this is what we do, we’re not a café or a bar. We stick to what we know.

What do you love most about baking?

Taking simple ingredients and crafting them into something that people want to buy and enjoy. Once you understand the basic recipes then you can make your own variation on these

I like to reconnect people with eating good flavoursome bread again. A lot of people have commented to me about feeling bloated after eating supermarket bread – that doesn’t have to be the case. We make bread that doesn’t bloat.

What make Bake off and Pie unique?

Once upon a time, long time ago………There was a baker who was having trouble finding work due to all local bakeries slowly disappearing because of the rise of the supermarkets. So, this enterprising baker thought it’s time to reverse this trend and start up his own small independent bakery and hopefully help claim back his industry from the big boys and their bland products and thus Bake Off and Pie was born.

Here at Bake off and Pie our ethos is simple: good quality produce at an affordable price for everyone. We don’t believe in jumping on the latest trend or bandwagon which is why we refuse to be known as artisan bakers.

Everything we produce, from our sourdoughs to our yeasted products, from our croissants to the puff paste we use for our vegan sos rolls, is all handcrafted in our small but compact bakery in New Basford. We have too much respect for our customers to buy a product in then pass it off as our own.

Describe your favourite day?

I love Fridays. They’re busy, really busy – 200 to 250 loaves busy. At the opposite end of the spectrum, when it’s quieter because that means I can experiment with new products.

Don’t take our word for it…

Come and see us, or give us a call…

Unit 2 North Gate Place, Nottingham, NG7 7JT
07760 248990

Best in baking, Baz

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Nottingham Post

Basford-based baker Barry ‘Baz the Baker’ Pilkington of Bake Off and Pie scooped the overall title to be named England’s Bakery of the Year after his loaves and pastries, sold in cafes across Nottingham, wowed the judges.

Customers at The Little Deli, in Hucknall Road, The V Spot and the Crimson Tree, in Sherwood, plus the Pudding Pantry in Broadway and No. 12 Houndsgate in the city centre, regularly tuck into his products.

They include croissants, sausage rolls, pain au chocolat, Eccles cakes, pies and around a dozen different types of loaves such as chilli sourdough and sundried tomato and vegan cheese foccacia, as well a standard white loaf.

He said: “I’m still trying to get my head round getting through to the finals never mind winning! I’m really pleased to get the recognition for the bakery.”

Bake Off and Pie began in 2013. After twice being made redundant from his baking job, Barry decided to go it alone. As a one-man-band he bakes through the early hours, then delivers to his wholesale customers. The last few months have seen a rise in the demand for vegan pastries and pies. “I seem to be in the right place at the right time,” he said.

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